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Stop This Madness

When the UK voted to leave the EU I was sad but I didn't fight it. I believe that the people's voice should not be ignored. So I didn't sign any petitions at the time. I didn't support any of the legal challenges. I accepted that we were going to leave.

But my position has now changed. The UK parliament has let us down. Leaving under the current circumstances is stupid. The UK government had said so. Under current plans, a hard Irish border is required, which nobody had said they wanted. Throughout the campaigning, the current situation was never put forward. Everyone believed that some form of cooperation would continue, even if it was never explicitly stated what form the UK would at least aim for.

At least the Scottish government put forward their vision, their goals during the Scottish Independence Referendum. But that didn't happen with the EU referendum.

Stop this madness.

Revoke article 50, have a proper conversation around what form of relationship with the EU we really want, if necessary, have another vote on it. But make sure people go in with their eyes open this time. Make sure that the hard border is going to happen if we don't have a customs union.

I didn't sign any petitions before, but after the shambles of our current position, I believe that we need to start again. I have signed the petition to revoke article 50 and (if you a British citizen) I urge you to sign it too.

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