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Whodunit: New Year's Eve Edition

Despite best plans, I was ambushed. Someone appeared at my desk just after lunch, looking for a last minute change. Not a particularly complicated one, but still it is the sort of thing you avoid before a couple of days off.

Before I sat down at the console in the middle of the control room, I confirmed with the operator of the area I was working on that everything was quite and that I could make my changes. Then, as soon as the changes were made, a different operator approached. "Are you working on the xxx unit?". He may as well have added "I don't see anyone else around here, so it must have been you".

My quick and simple change was becoming less quick and simple. I was confident that what I was doing was nothing to do with his issue, but that doesn't fix the issue or get me off the hook.

I did a bit of digging and looking at the logs. I eventually noticed that it coincided with a remote terminal getting restarted. Someone else had been applying security updates. AHH, I had found what I was looking for: someone else ~~to blame~~ that could help.

After a quick phone call, he admitted that he had been working on the terminal, but refused to admit that he could have caused the problem the operator was ~~complaining~~ informing me about.

After a bit more investigating, we found out what had changed and how to put back. We still don't know why it changed but at least it ~~wasn't my fault~~ has been fixed.

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