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First Impressions of my eeePC.

So after much fun trying to get hold of this thing, time for a run through. I think I am going to name this laptop Nemi.

The keyboard is going to take some getting used to, certain letters don't like getting pressed.
The right shift is on the wrong side of the up arrow, though this time the ctrl and fn keys are the right way round. Unfortunately I had gotten used to the way it was with kaylee.

The stock operating system appears to be form of linux mashed in such a way to look like windows xp. I have promised myself at least a week of using the default before trying to install ubuntu

It is installed with an old version of skype and firefox 2. I had gotten used to the nicer parts of firefox 3 (edit: sykpe was updated using the built in software manager) Whilst the ability to install/uninstall software appears quite limited, wiki.eeeuser.com has lots of tips and tricks to keep me going for a while yet.

I have managed to set the keyboard to Dvorak unfortunately it is American Dvorak not gb - i'll sort this yet!!

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  • Al
    said on: 13 Jun 2008 at 20:26

    Oooh, shiny laptop! I'm still tempted with eee...Also, you called your old laptop Kaylee??