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More Fun with ImpAmp

After another afternoon of playing with impAmp, I have updated the version of soundmanager2. This versions main addition is the ability to use flash 9 (instead of the current flash 8). Unfortunately when using flash 9, the ID3 Tag information doesn't show so is not enabled by default at the moment.

In anticipation of flash 9 working, I added multiShot support. MultiShot is where you can overlay the same sound effect on top of itself, ie with a gunshot you can set 3 shots off in a row without having to wait for the previous shot to finish. This will be useful for short sound effects but for music etc, I will leave the default that pressing the play again will stop the sound. I have implemented it however there is still another bug when using flash 9 apart form the missing id3 tags mentioned earlier. When you have sounds overlayed on top of each other, stopAll (pressing space) only stops the first of the overlayed sounds (so it doesn't actually stop all)

Another feature I added this afternoon was the properties window. To access the properties window, hold down CTRL and click on a button. This will display a window including information about the sound clip. There is a bug where sometimes not all the information is shown. This appears to happen when the sound has been stopped. So if a song has not been played since the last refresh or if it is currently playing, it shows all the information. Not too sure how I am going to fix this, but I'll find a way.

Also whilst creating the properties window I noticed a bug whereby the keyboard would become unresponsive. This is to do with the way the keyboard is disabled whilst ctrl is being pressed. To fix, just tap ctrl again. I'll try to find a proper fix at some point.

Edit: Fixed. Simply add onfocus="mpc.disableKeys = false;" to the tag in the index.html file

All my changes have been uploaded to launchpad and can be downloaded from the trunk:

bzr branch lp:impamp

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