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Phone Dialer

After having to use conference calling to an international number for work, then dial the meeting room code, I decided to have a go at a project idea I had over a year ago. I wanted to create a webapp that would, given a number, ‘dial’ that number using the touch tones through the computers speakers. Then you could hold your land line up to the computer and get the computer to dial for you.

I know this may sound like ultimate laziness but when you have to rejoin the conference call after a technical failure, it would have been nice just to copy and paste the number into a field and press dial and get a computer to do it for you rather than having to transcribe the numbers, mess it up, try again...

It would also be useful for when you look up a number online. Again this thing would be faster and avoid getting the wrong number.

Anyway, I tried again over the weekend and have created a quick demo. I used the files found on wikipedia and then converted them to mp3 and shortened them to .25seconds.

You can try the demo if you like, I make no guarantee anything but it should work. Phone Dialer

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