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Review - Athleteshop

I recently bought a Basil Urban Fold Messenger bag from athleteshop.co.uk. Shortly after receiving the bag, they sent an email requesting a review of their site however the place to review it is their facebook page (and I am not currently using facebook).

As such, I have decided to leave my review here (and may get someone else to post to their facebook page on my behalf).

I placed the order on Thursday morning and it would have arrived Monday. The parcel company contacted me by email on Sunday night to warn me and gave me an option to change the delivery date which I took advantage of and got it delivered on Tuesday when I would be in. Very happy with this arrangement.

On the whole the purchase process was good. Only complaint is that (like many other online retailers) they hide the delivery cost until you are a significant way through the checkout process (and have already given them all your details). I would much prefer if they could be more upfront with the delivery cost (In this case £5.70 on a £29.11 bag) rather than it being a hidden extra.

As I said, many other online retailers also do this and it still worked out at a reasonable price. Would happily use again.

Note that although the url is a .co.uk address, they are a Dutch company and operate using the many different country codes.

Edit 2016-05-26 06:50: Just to add that I am not reviewing the bag at this time. At first glance it looks to be good quality however as I have only just received the bag and not even fitted it to my bike yet, it would be a pointless review.

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