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A Quick Response

It is nice to know that when a safety concern is raised, it gets acted on quickly.

As part of the building works being carried out in our office, one corridor was blocked off with a wooden wall. As I was about to leave last night, I noted that two fire escape sign were still pointed into that wooden wall. I then looked where they should point and noticed that it was as significant distance you had to travel, before you had a choice of escape routes.

I sent an email to the people involved in the project and by 10 o'clock the next morning, a joiner was in the process of making a doorway in the wooden wall and by lunchtime a thin plastic sheet had been taped over the doorway with fire exit signs placed around it1.

The project explained to me that they had the start configuration with fire escapes and the final setup, but they hadn't fully thought through how things should be during the construction.

  1. When I say thin, I mean a dust sheet, very easy to rip down.
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