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RACI Matrix

Today I was reviewing an updated policy document at work. In the document was a 'RACI matrix' detailing who was responsible, accountable, to be consulted or informed about the various steps to the process.

I had never (as far as I can recall) seen one of these matrices before but I thought it was a brilliant idea. I will quickly document it here for my own records.

RACI Matrix Description

Across the top were a list of people or job titles and down the side was a list of tasks to be completed.

In the matrix, there would be a letter describing who was involved with each task.

  • Responsible indicates that these people are expected to carry out the task.
  • Accountable shows the one (and only one) person who is ultimately responsible to make sure it gets done and approves the work. This person may or may not also be responsible for the task.
  • Consulted indicates people who are not directly involved in doing the task but are involved in two way communication about the task, providing information or feedback.
  • Informed means that these people are only involved in one way communication about the task, usually just sent the outcome at the end.
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