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Still in America

First I apologise that this post is not polished at all but I am writing it after being awake for around 31 hours now.

Flight EI130 from Hartford to Dublin was not a good experience.

We did not get going as I had hoped last night after the storm delay.

We found the delay policy on the website and that we should have been supplied food for the initial delay regardless of what caused the delay. We were told the opposite by the staff.

The plane was further delayed on the tarmac for over 4 and a half hours with a fault on the plane.

During this time we were only offered water, no food. It was usually longer than 30 minutes between updates. This was in breach of their US Tarmac Delay Plan.

For reference, the cancellation policy is available online.

I am not sure it counts as 'offering' accommodation if a bus to take you there has still not shown up after 2 and a half hours and it is after 6am. And food was not offered at any point in the evening.

The method of rebooking the flights should have been much better organized than the pot luck getting through the hold queue.

Below are my raw notes (spelling errors and all) I was taking during the saga.

Arrived at airport at 13:30 due to children's naps.
Found a sign that said that the check-in desk opens at 14:15.

Attempted to check in at 14:15 (CT time) when Check in was due to open. We would have been first to check in.
Were told that the flight had just left Dublin and would have a 4 to 5 hour delay.
Were told to phone Aer Lingus.

Arrival and Departure Boards still said the Dublin flights (arrival and departure) were still on time.

We didn't check in immediately in case flight was cancelled and we would be without bags and car seats.

No email from Aer Lingus had arrived at this time.

Attempted to phone Aer Lingus on 0333 004 5000 to update connecting flight to Edinburgh but got disconnected twice.

Attempted to check in at 14:55.
Very angry at re booking method.

Main check in had 4 members of staff and no queue.
To re book required the other queue  with only 2 members of staff.

15:00 attempted to phone reservations again but keep getting disconnected. You get a long 49 seconds menu before, "to update an existing booking..." Then you get disconnected. 3 times.

15:15, disconnected 4 times.

15:25, disconnected 5 times.

15:30 boards still say that both the arriving and departing flights are on time.

16:02 Email from Aer Lingus arrives

16:10. Still not been seen. Board still says flight is on time.

Eventually got seen about 16:25.

16:40 Sorted into next flights. No food vouchers offered. Boards still say departing flight is on time for 6pm.

20:40 Previous flight arrives

21:40 Boarding starts.

22:40 Closed plane doors.

22:45 push off to taxi.

23:06 Announcement from captain about a technical issue and return to stand and await maintenance.

23:18 Reset electrical supply at request of engineer.

23:35 Didn't manage to fix it. Engineer still investigating.

23:40 cabin crew are telling us they have been told that they are NOT to serve food in case we do get the go ahead to take off.

00:10 No further updates.

00:20 Served water. No other updates.

00:25 Announcement that they think they are close to finding the problem and then still have to fix it.

00:40 no further updates. Now been 3 hours on the plane!

00:50 to 00:55 refueling the plane.

01:40 update from pilot. Engineering had tried the short fix and it didn't work. The long fix is being tried now and they will get back to us in the next 30 to 40 minutes.

02:05 pilot has said that they are going to change some parts that requires turning off the power. Asked everyone to return to their seats.

02:16 Plane powered back up. Still not had any food provided or any offer to deplane.

02:36 De powering the plane again and "will have resolution in next 5 to 10 minutes".

02:54  Power back on. No announcement.

03:15 still no announcement.

03:23 announcement. Bags are being unloaded and making preparations in the terminal. 
We are to wait on the plane for now.

03:28 Announcement. Still waiting on ground staff getting papers printed.

03:32 ground staff ready to receive us.

04:00 collected bags. Been told we will be put up in a hotel but no details yet.
Lots of people an no representatives of the airline.

04:05 one representative has now shown up. But lots of people and no obvious coordination.

Representatives don't have much information. Just to wait for the shuttle buses to 'local' hotels.
Unable to get through to the phone number provided and online form is not working because we have an infant with a seat.

0500 still no update. And staff are hiding.

05:25 still no bus to hotel. Still unable to get through to the phone number.

05:40 told bus is another 25 minutes away.

05:45 got through on the phone. Still no busses to the hotel.

New flight booked tonight from Boston at 9:30 pm

06:36 in taxi. Bus for hotel still not arrived.

So now we are sitting in Boston waiting for check-in to open.

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