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Traffic Fun

Normally when I collect the boys from nursery, I leave work and cycle across Grangemouth and into Falkirk to collect them. Then I hitch a trailer to my bike and tow them home.

Today, due to the bad weather1, I had the car and drove to pick them up.

I had expected that I would end up picking the boys up slightly earlier than normal, because the car can travel faster. Unfortunately, though the car can travel faster in theory, it has to wait for traffic and go the long way round whereas the bike goes almost direct along a set of cycle paths. I arrived slightly later than normal.

Of course getting the boys home again was a different story. I cycle much slower when towing a loaded trailer, and to avoid the busy roads, I detour on the bike.

Net result was still arriving home earlier than normal, but not by that much.

  1. There was a yellow weather warning in force.
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