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Review: Bitz and Bob

One of the joys of parenthood is getting to watch kid's TV, often the same episodes many times. It is nice to introduce the young ones to shows that you watched as a child but it is inevitable that you will have to watch some of the new shows as well.

One of the new shows that my oldest child has introduced me to is "Bitz and Bob" and I have to say that I actually enjoy this program.

In each episode, older sister Bitz and younger brother Bob have imaginary adventures. Inevitably they run into a problem and Bitz has her "Bitz brain blitz". She puts on a set of goggles to help think about the problem and comes up with some kind of engineered solution, such as using a parachute to slow a runaway vehicle down, or using pulleys to lift up something heavy.

The show makes no secret that they are attempting to provide a good STEM1 female role model and I think that they have actually done a good job in this case.

They haven't simply pinked everything up, they have come up with the concept of "Steam Pink", a pinker version of steampunk where Bitz does wear a pink skirt, but also has a leather jacket and fingerless gloves. It feels comfortable, and not going over the top. I don't see it putting boys off STEM, I hope that it achieves its goal.

Incidentally, I tried to explain to my eldest that what Bitz is doing is called Engineering and that that is what I do when I go to work. His response was "Silly Daddy". I don't think he believed me.

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