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Wasted Effort or Useful Research?

I spent a significant portion of my day writing a small program to extract some data from one file and convert it into a different format.

I had thought that it would be a simple task but I need to have some level of user interaction, I need to ask the user which sections of the data they want to convert. I don't have a lot of experience writing user interfaces on the desktop, in the past I have mostly played with webpages (or old style DCS graphics). I wanted something as simple as possible, I don't want to have to download a development environment, I want others to be able to edit it if required. I also want my users to be able to run it without having to mess around with security settings.

I am still not sure what the best option is. I spent a few hours looking up different options only to find that they fell short of one of my earlier criteria. In the end I decided to go back to my comfort zone and just build a web application. I can try to convince someone in IT to host it or get the users to run it locally.

I just wish I hadn't wasted a couple of hours to come to that conclusion. But then if I had found a better alternative, it wouldn't have been wasted.

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