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What a Rush

Ahh, I remember this feeling.

Each regen, I alway have a moment when I remember how previous regens have felt. I felt the feeling for most of last night's shift and the first couple of hours of this shift. It is not continuous throughout the event, but there are times when I am completely rushed off my feet trying to do multiple things and make decisions. When the bit of my brain kicks in and says "I can't do this", and another part of my brains says "tough, you are going to have to".

I do manage it, and it is an amazing feeling afterwards when I know that I made the right choices. Even when I don't make the right choices and make a mistake, it is still a good feeling afterwards to know that I have pushed myself to my limits. I know in the past, I was over extended and didn't cope with it. But these days I have more experience and manage to handle it better.

Still doesn't stop that voice in the moment. Doesn't stop me feeling the pressure. But it is a big improvement.

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