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Scotrail’s Discount

Scotrail have managed to annoy some folk by claiming that they don’t charge extra for traveling at peak times, they merely offer a discount for travelling at off-peak times. Of course both ways of looking at it end up with the same result, but scotrail want to frame it as a discount, after all, everyone likes getting a discount and they don’t like the idea of being charged extra.

I wonder if they could take it further though and actually print the ‘discount’ on the tickets themselves. That is, print the cost as if the person had bought last minute single tickets, then score it out and show the lower price if they had any other ticket type such as a return (even peak returns would have a discount). You wouldn’t actually change any prices, but it may make people feel slightly better.

“The ticket may be expensive, but at least I didn’t have to pay that for it.”

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