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Two Tasks

I started the day with two tasks that I wanted to complete. One, I thought would be very simple, it is done so many times, all I would need to do is find an example online and copy it, possibly with a couple of minor tweeks. The second task involved security and getting two systems to speak together. This task I was less optimistic about, I suspected that there would be all sorts of issues and I may need to fall back on a backup plan.

As it turns out, I got it completely wrong. The security part was just a tick box configuration and it worked perfectly without issue. The part I thought would be simple on the other hand took me most of the day. In the end it was simple, I just needed to understand the tools I was working with, and to do that I needed to know what questions to ask the internet. Getting the correct terminology is half the battle.

At least I did manage to get both tasks done in the expected timeframe, so it wasn’t a complete case of the planning fallacy. The other nice thing is that I managed to learn about a system I hadn’t used myself before. That is always a nice thing.

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