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A Year of Blogging

On this day, one year ago, I started posting (almost) daily. In the last year I have published 358 posts, so clearly I didn't manage to publish every day. Prior to this past year, my posts have been very irregular and infrequent.

In fact my first ‘streak’ only lasted two days before my first missed day. Looking back on it, that was probably a good thing. It meant that I didn't get attached to my streak. It made it easier to get back to writing regular posts when I had other days that I failed to post.

This blog is a fairly personal thing. It is a set of unrestricted personal musings that I have thrown out into the world. I haven’t restricted myself to any particular topic or style. I think most of my posts have been of a personal nature, though I do also like to post on chemical engineering or process control topics. Occasionally I may even stray into the arena of politics, though it is not something I enjoy writing about so I don’t do that often.

What now

I have considered dropping the daily habit and going back to only publishing something when I have a post I really want to write and share. Perhaps the quality would rise. It might give me more time to write the longer or more complex ideas out into finished posts. I currently have a bunch of posts that I want to write and flesh out but will take me some time to do. As a result, they remain at the idea stage and never get finished and posted.

The thing is that I know if I drop the daily part, I will not post at all. I may say I will aim to continue to post something every week. But weekly targets will drop to monthly targets and then a full year will slip by without a single post.

So for now at least I will continue to try and write something daily.

Writing into the void

I have no idea whether anyone is actually reading these posts. I suspect that I have a few regular readers, but for all I know, the only readers I have are a bunch of spambots. The idea that many folk are reading but not getting in touch does bother me to some extent.

While everyone, even the spambots, are welcome here, I do wonder if there is any benefit to sharing every post with the world. Perhaps I should write something each day, but not post it unless it is worth sharing in it’s own right.

Feedback is appreciated

If you are a semi-regular reader, I would love to hear from you (though probably not the spambots). What do you like? What do you want to see more of? What would you rather I not bother posting about? Please do get in touch.

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