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Green Waves can be Tiring

A green wave is when you manage to travel through a built up area arriving at junctions just after the lights have turned green to let you continue. In some places the lights are actually engineered to work like that for the majority of traffic. If they are traveling at just under the speed limit, they can continue along a stretch of road unimpeded. Most of the time they just occur at random.

Today I managed to hit on while cycling into town. Normally when cycling in a built up area, it consists of lots of short sprints, followed by rests as you have to wait for red lights or other traffic. Not so today. Every time I approached a junction or a queue of traffic, the lights would change or a gap would open up and the traffic would start moving again. As a result, I got lots of the sprint sections in but not any if the rests.

As a result I arrived home nearly half an hour earlier and much more out of breath than normal.

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