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Sugar Manufacturing is Dangerous Stuff

I have just had the realisation tonight that my Disastrous Dinners series of events have, so far, been fairly sugar industry focused.

The very first talk was on the Boston Molasses Flood - Molasses being a byproduct of the sugar industry.

I then had 3 presentations that did not involve the sugar industry in any form, but the next talk, this wednesday (last chance to sign up), is going to be on the imperial sugar dust explosion which destroyed a significant proportion of a sugar refinery in the USA. The next talk has been organised for September and is called by-gum a design error, will be on a process developed by Tate and Lyle and used sugar to produce xanthan gum.

So far, half the talks are related to the sugar industry. I admit, I was a bit worried that my presentations may risk getting a bit heavy on the one industry, I just did not expect it to be the sugar industry that received so much attention in the first year.

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