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Advertising on a FIRE Blog

I have mentioned before that I have started to enjoy reading various FIRE1 blogs around the internet. One of the things that has amused me is the advertising on their blogs.

Generally you want to earn as much as possible, spend as little as possible, and invest the difference. Most of the FIRE bloggers are attempting to increase their income through their blog. They have adverts in their blog. They may have an ebook or mailing list. They often have affiliate links to any products that they mention.

But if their readers are also following the lifestyle, then they will be trying to avoid spending money unless they have to. I would have thought that they must be one of the worst demographics to try and extract money from. So if you are an advertiser, why would you want to have your adverts displayed on a FIRE blog?

I suspect that the FIRE category of websites is just too small to be handled separately, instead just categorising them as financial blogs. And there has usually been plenty of advertising money available from financial service providers. I doubt they would notice a few frugal blogs.

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