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Trial and Error Cooking

Earlier this year, I attempted to make some pies. The first batch had a good pastry, but the filling was a bit dry. Since then I have had about three other attempts at improving the recipe, making small tweaks each time. I can now say that I have managed to get the filling right, though in the process I have messed up the pastry.

On one level it is very frustrating. I just want to get it right. But when I step back and think about it, I have learnt far more about the process by getting it wrong. Each time I have tweaked something, I have learnt something. Some of the assumptions I had made earlier have turned out to be wrong. But I only know that after trying them out.

I suppose this is how science works. You form and idea about what is happening, make a prediction about it and try it out. If it had worked the first time, I would have learnt nothing.

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