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An Uncomfortable Encounter

On my way home tonight I was involved in a road rage incident. Annoyingly I don't have video of the first part of the encounter, I had forgotten to turn the recorder on until after the first horn blasts.

Some driver decided that he needed to be ahead of me in the queue of traffic at the end of the road and underpassed me. He really didn't like that I overtook him and told him that underpassing is dangerous.

He then played the fun game of how fast and furiously can I pass the cyclist:

Black car overtaking very closely.
Too Close!
Black car overtaking very closely.
Too Close!

After that he pulled over into a small side street and shouted a load of abuse at me.

I was initially going to ignore the incident, I wasn't actually hurt after all. But what if he had hit me. I doubt I would have made it home myself. It would have been highly likely that I would have ended in hospital or worse...

As I thought more about it, I came to the conclusion that the correct course of action would be to report it. So I went to the police station and did so. No one was available to take a statement immediately, but I left my details and received a callback about 10 minutes later. The soonest that they can send someone round to take a statement is Tuesday night. Four days time.

I suspect that reporting it will be a waste of time. I can only hope that if I had actually been hit, they might take it a bit more seriously.

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