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Comparing Yourself To Others

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, I have been thinking more about how we compare ourselves with others. While I was a student (both at highschool and at university) I was regularly referred to as a “fitness freak”. I liked to run and did so regularly.

The thing is, if I compared myself to the general population, then yes I was fit. I was doing a lot more exercise than most people. But when it came to my fitness, I always ended up comparing myself to the other members of the running club.

Within the running club, I was never particularly fast. I was usually somewhere in the bottom half of the club. This didn’t particularly bother me, I was still having fun, but I knew there were many much better than myself. These people were the truly fit group. They were out training at least once a day. I was a joker, I only made it out three or four times a week.

It doesn't matter what we are comparing, fitness, technical skills, speaking skills, the list goes on. There will always be others who can push us to be better.

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