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Background Noise

The job I spent most of today required a fair amount of focus. It wasn't a particularly difficult task, but took quite a while and was pretty repetitive.

I had lots of errors on lots of files, and I just had to work my way through each one fixing them. It was the level of thought that meant I couldn't listen to a podcast, that would be too distracting. But silence was also a problem, the task was not exactly great fun or interesting.

What worked best turned out to be music. Cheesy music. Music that should make you really ashamed to admit listening to. So bad that I am not going to name any of it here. But you know the type of stuff I am on about. And it was the right kind of background noise to keep me on task.

Someone came over at one point to ask me a question, but before asking they remarked "I hope that is decent music you are listening to".

That made me laugh.

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