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Fixed it in the End

The theme of this week can be summed up with a couple of XKCD comics: Repairs and Success.

Each day was a different project. Each day I started with full enthusiasm to fix or improve something. Each day I regretted it by mid morning. Luckily I did manage to get things back to how I started by around lunchtime, but by the end of the day, I hadn't actually achieved what I had intended.

On the face of it, each day was a failure. A complete waste of a day. But it wasn't completely. Each day I was learning. Each day I took apart a system and worked out how it actually works, not just how I thought it did. And today it paid off. Today I revisited the projects and one by one managed to get them working. I managed to overcome whatever had beaten me earlier in the week and make the change I actually wanted.

It was nice to be able to end the week on a high.

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