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Forgetting the Simple Solutions

For the last two days I have had an annoying notification stuck on my phone. I expect that it was supposed to self dismiss after a couple of hours, but it didn't and wouldn't let me do it.

I eventually got fed up and did a quick search online. The first result described the problem perfectly. And the solution surprised me at being so simple and yet I hadn't done it:

Restart the phone

That was it. Turn it off and on again. Cycle the power. However you want to phrase it, the oldest and simplest solution to problems with technology. And yet it didn't occur to me.

Thinking about it, I haven't had to fix a problem by doing a restart for quite some time. Perhaps the reliability of technology has been improving over time, but I hadn't noticed until now. I complain about the bloat and waste of resources regularly, but in recent times, I haven't had to completely restart my computer or my phone just to get it working again.

Sometimes improvements sneak up on us. It is obvious when things go wrong. Not so easy to spot that things have not been going wrong for a while.

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