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Working While Cycling

I attempted to get on with some deep work today, trying to get my head around some concepts and work out what the best way to approach a certain problem is. I don't manage to get very far. Despite several attempts to focus on the problem, my brain wasn't having any of it. I struggled to understand the concepts, which lead me to getting frustrated, and I never really got an answer to the 'best' way forward.

I suspect that part of the problem was that I had access to the internet. I assumed that many others would have had the same problem as myself and that if I just typed the correct terms into Google, I would find a nice page where someone explains the answer to me.

While the answer may be on a page somewhere, I could not find it. All of my searches returned results that were close, but not quite solving the same problem. Perhaps if I had not wasted my time looking for an easy answer, but had actually thought about the problem longer, I could have worked it out.

Luckily, my commute home consisted of a long cycle. A period when I could not look at a screen or listen to the radio or a podcast. I just had my own thoughts to keep me going. And sure enough, I ended up thinking the problem over. Thinking about how the different components could work together. How I could break the problem down into smaller problems.

While it worked this time, I doubt I could justify regularly working from my bike.

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