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Travel Nerves

For the last three hours, I have progressively been getting more and more nervous. I am about to leave on a short trip, setting off late in the evening.

Rather than rushing around during the day when kids are about to undo anything I had just done, I decided to leave all packing and preparation till after they were in bed. But this has meant that as the time for departure has approached, I have been unprepared, and still not in the process of doing anything about it.

As soon as the kids were in bed, I started to prepare and almost immediately calmed down. Now my bag is packed, I am ready to go and I am completely calm.

I knew that I would have had enough time after the kids were in bed, but my subconscious mind was not convinced. But if I had listened to my subconscious, I would have had my bag packed three days ago!

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