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Believing Signs

A local road on my route to work has been closed for over a week now. At the bottom of the hill, there are signs on the main road stating "ROAD ON LEFT CLOSED". There is a barrier crossing half the road saying "ROAD AHEAD CLOSED. LOCAL ACCESS ONLY".

Luckily as a cyclist, I can use a footpath that runs parallel to the closed road. Every time I use the path, I can see drivers chancing their luck. They drive around the barrier, up the road, then slam on their brakes when they get to the barrier that crosses the whole road. Then they wait a couple of seconds before turning around and heading back the way they came.

This happens every time I go past. For over a week now. How many people just ignore the signs and barriers? They decide that the signs and barriers don't apply to them.

Well, at least it gives me something to laugh about as I am pedaling up the hill.

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« Making the Most of My Time: Cycling to Work
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