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True Wealth

A while back I read an article that talked about wealth. The author had initially thought that wealth was the ability to walk into a shop and see all the things that you can afford. Years later they decided that true wealth was the ability to walk into the shop and se all the things that you don't want to buy.

There are two aspects of it, the first is that you would have already covered your basic needs and the second is that you can reduce your desires to be content with enough.

I am definitely not there yet, but I can tell that I am moving in that direction. Adverts on podcasts are particularly annoying me these days. In the past I could catch myself thinking "that sounds like a good idea" and "that sounds like a great offer". Of course I would look closer and disagree once I had the details. Now when I hear the offers, I just assume that the offer is in fact rubbish and look for the catch.

I just need to be able to get into that mindset when walking around real shops.

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