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No More No-Replies

I am getting more and more fed up with companies using no-reply email addresses. It is almost as if it is a trendy thing to do that all big businesses do. If you don't send emails via a no-reply email address, you are clearly just an amature outfit.

It is particularly frustrating when they demand that you contact them immediately. If you want me to contact you immediately, the easiest way would be to allow me to reply to the email you sent me. If you are willing to clog up my email inbox, at least do me the honor of accepting my responses.

Most of the time, I am actually wanting to help them. Either I have spotted an error in their email or have a suggestion to improve something. These sorts of things that could help improve their service, but only if they become aware of them. If you are going to make it too hard for me, I obviously won’t bother.

To improve your customer service, please remove your no-reply email addresses and allow your customers to get in touch.

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