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When You Know the Answer

There is phrase associated with quizzes: All questions are easy when you know the answer.

I noticed today that it can apply to many problems, not just quizzes. In quick succession, I ended up being presented with a number of problems, each one of which I had either come across before or had come across something similar. In each case I was able to quickly work out what the root cause was and fix them.

This is a much better feeling than the one I had last week when I was fighting with a problem that I have still not gotten to the bottom of. Perhaps when dealing with a really tough problem that I am unable to make progress with, I should seek out some easier problems.

After the quick wins this morning, I returned to last week's difficult problem. While I haven't completely fixed it yet, I have certainly made more progress. One thing is for sure, if I do work out what the root cause of this problem is, I am not going to forget in a hurry. Then this problem will become an easy one if I come across it again in the future!

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« You Know it was a Tough Workout When...
A Bad Bedtime Story »


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