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Stuck in my Head

I have had a couple of occasions over the last few days when I have been left to my own thoughts, able to think freely without distraction for a prolonged period of time. During these occasions, I thought of lots it things that I want to write down, long flowing essays merging several ideas that have been rattling around in my head for months.

Of course the reason that it was distraction free was the same reason that I couldn't write it down. I didn't have my phone or a book. There was no radio or TV playing. I just had to sit there.

As soon as I have my phone or laptop in front of me again the long essays have vanished. All I am left with is an awkward first sentence, no idea where to go next and a lot of frustration.

I don't know how much of the block is dyslexia, how much is the distractive power of the internet and how much is just me being unable to focus when it matters.

I do hope that I can get these ideas out of my head and into some reasonable form that could be shared. The danger is that I get them onto the screen and realise just how awful they really were.

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