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More or Just More Aware

Are there more people out walking and running or are we just more aware of those that are out?

I can't tell. I went for a cycle with one of the kids earlier and it certainly seemed busier than normal, but it is part of my normal commute. When traveling during my commute, it can be all sorts of weathers, and is often dark and cold. This time it wasn't. It was a lovely afternoon, sun shining and a really pleasant cycle.

While there were lots of other people out on the paths, walking or running, it possibly was about normal considering the weather. But it still felt busy. I wonder how much this has to do with focus. Normally, I don't pay too much attention to fellow path users. I will greet them as I pass and make sure we pass without colliding with each other, but that is about it.

With social distancing, we are paying far more attention. We are making eye contact as soon as we realise that the other person is there. We are working out where the best place to pass is. And we are negotiating which side we will pass on, all to give the largest gap between us. And all done every time.

Usually I would forget about passing someone as soon as we had passed. With so much more focus on how we are passing each other, I am bound to remember them more. As a result, even if the paths are quieter, they could still feel busier.

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