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A Complex Operation

I am not sure if it was telling my mum that the car was doing well and had no issues, or if it was that we had visited a bike shop earlier in the week, but my car decided it had had enough. The battery died. The car was working fine in the morning but decided not to work in the afternoon.

While investigating, I decided to try and take the battery out and clean up all the connections. Before I took it out, I thought I would be good and actually check the manual (for once) rather than just rushing in and unbolting everything. The manual was not exactly helpful:

Replacing the battery

As this operation is complex, we advise you to contact an approved dealer.

That was it. No other guidance.

Three bolts later and the battery is sitting at my foot. Not exactly brain surgery.

In the end, I bought a new battery, swapped the connectors over (another 2 bolts) and put it all back together. The car is now running fine again.

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