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Four Hours of Freedom

To be fair we had a pretty good run with minimal periods of having to isolate, but this weekend has been particularly painful. In the early hours of Friday one child developed a fever.

So instead of going into the office/school/nursery we were all together in the house again, with two parents doing our best to get as much normal work done as possible, yet still entertain the other child (the I'll one napped most of the day).

The not ill child had to miss out on an overnight trip with friends but accepted well.

That child's (negative) result came back at 8 this morning. Great. Normal life can resume.

I took the boys to the shops to pick up the things we noticed we had ran out of over the last 24 hours and was looking forward to going for a walk after lunch.

Unfortunately at midday, the other child complains he was tired and didn't want to eat. Now he had a fever. So we had a total of 4 hours of freedom.

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