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Plex Alert

On Saturday afternoon, as I was enjoying the sun in the back garden, I received an unexpected notification on my phone:

New Device MY-EMAIL just used a new device to access MY-PLEX-SERVER (TiVo)

I do not have a TiVo. Considering I was relaxing in the garden, I was surprised that …

No Internet

It looks like most of the Falkirk area has been taken offline last night at about 7pm. Grangemouth refinery was out, along with lots of ATMs and fuel stations but most importantly, my house and therefore home server was taken out.

I am not sure if I am going to …

Plex and Subsonic Media Servers

Earlier this week, I decided to install Plex on my home server after getting irritated that I couldn't watch anything on my media server easily.

My home server currently consists of nextcloud and subsonic. Over the years nextcloud has been getting used more and more with the many additional apps …