Voting effect - EU Elections - Scotland


There will be a vote at the later this month. What will happen?

This page includes a calculator that can be used to see what would happen to the seat allocation based on possible voting outcomes. There are 6 seats available, however the calculator allows you to alter this number to see the effect.

Below the calculator, there are a number of recent polls carried out which have results for the Scottish region.

I have merged the UKIP/Brexit parties and just taken the larger value because the Brexit party didn't exist last time and UKIP may as well not exist this time.

Voting System

The voting system used during the European Elections is often described as a 'complicated proportional system'. This description annoyed me so I decide to look into it. The method used is the D'Hondt method. This method attempts to allocate a similar number of seats to each party relative to the fraction of the vote they received. So if one party receives double the number of votes of another, it should get double the number of seats.

Note that this means the question 'Do you know who your MEP is?' is a false question. You have six.

The Calculator

Party Votes Seats
Conservative 1
Labour 2
LibDem 0
UKIP/Brexit 1
Green 0
Change UK 0
Total 97.8

Recent Polls

The table below includes results for the Scottish Region in a list of recent polls along with the number of seats each party would receive for that level of votes. Click the poll to insert the results in the calculator above.

Date Company Con Lab Lib UKIP/Brexit SNP Green Change UK

Poll results found via Wikipedia