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Legs Sore!

Yesterday I managed to get round the Linlithgow 10K 38 seconds faster than John Christy (one of my lecturers) Considering I had done no training for said race this is good however I am now in pain whenever I do anything strenuous (including standing up or walking)

I now have the family laptop in Edinburgh on a trial period to decide whether or not it is worth getting a new laptop and what things to look for if I do. I am having lots of fun trying to connect to the university WiFi. I have not yet worked out the logic of whether or not it will allow me to connect. The battery will only just last a 2 hour lecture (and there is a severe lack of sockets in the classroom) and during my first lecture just as I am about to use it, the thing freezes! I haven’t been using it for 5 mins and it just stops!!! Unfortunately my lecture notes tent to be lots of formulas or diagrams, not plain text. This laptop idea might not be as nice in practice.

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