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Looking for a Name

For my final year research project I am writing a program to simulate chemical plants using a website. The problem is - I need a name for this thing.

The current working title is SimpEng - Simple Engineering Simulations. Another idea was to pick a random name like 'Lucy' or 'Adria' but …

Waiting in for a Parcel (Again)

If you ever want to get a parcel to its destination, don't use amtrak!

On Monday I waited in all day only to find out that a closed door confused the delivery man. OK the buzzer on the stairwell doesn't work and I didn't put a sticker on the door …

Me vs Car

So cycling home up Clarke street and car decides to turn left (with no indicators cos as we all know indicators don't work in the rain). In turning left the car proceeded to take me out and I don't mean for a drink. Whilst I can admit it wasn't the …

Power Cut

minute 1 of power cut

The lights for the first half of the street have just gone out, I am typing this on my laptop now but don't know how long this will last (checks it says 45 minutes) I am glad that I can now touch type or this …

Can't Fill a Suitcase!

I am currently trying to fill a suitcase and failing. Normally this would be a good thing however the reason I am taking a massive suitcase for four days is that I also want to take my kilt. To stop the kilt getting mangled, I am trying to pack it …

What Did You do Over the Summer?


Well that's what I did (and am still doing) I am sure it makes perfect sense to you all

My Sister the Actor

My darling sister has just started a 3 week acting course in Glasgow and send me a wonderful little text:

How many actors does it take to change a lightbulb?

None, that's a techies job!

I sent 2 replies:

How many techies does it take to change a lightbulb?

Doesn't …

Awake at All Hours

This is my second attempt at writing this note thanks to Kaylee deciding that she would take part in wildcat strike action.

I have attempted to to explain why Caroline (girl that sounds like Alex) sounds like Alex and have failed each time. I might try and record her talking …

Working at Hight (of a different kind)

Well I have met most of the people I will be working with over the summer and so far they all seem a nice bunch. One of the biologists talks a lot like Miss Engel which I found a bit weird but am sure I will get used to it …

Paying for gas

It looks like I might have to start paying for gas again, I just received a phone call from someone asking for a list of metre details. Supposedly they sent someone out to get these details but they sent them to 137 fountain park road or somewhere else apart from …

Free Internet

Yesterday on my way to a meeting at Haymarket I was handed a flier from Cisco systems including a free hours internet access with BT openzone. That's good I thought and so today I took a slight detour to go past them again but they were being lazy and not …

The Joys of Living at Home

OK I have not been back 24 hours and already noticed the good aspects of living away. For one the internet doesn't stop at 11 o'clock. Last time I came home mum left internet on all night but I didn't notice till the next morning because I didn't expect it …

See what thought did

There was a bit of a mix up today between mum and myself, a few weeks ago I had offered to coach in Linlithgow on the 11th because no other coaches were willing to do that week and I felt the club should continue through the holidays. Somehow this got …

Prisons and Addicts

I have wasted ALL day watching the second half of season 2 of prison break. unfortunately the final episode isn't aired till MONDAY!!! I can't be left like this, three months of nothing in which I managed to no longer depend on it then one huge dose in one day …

Deflating Experience

I have avoided writing notes on Wednesday nights because they would all involve cycling through Hollyrood Park and nearly getting killed or complaining about the cycle lanes/paths that are death traps.

This evening this problem was solved by getting the timing wrong, hitting the kerb harder than I had …

BBC Top 100 Books:

At the request of Hogg

BBC Top 100 Books:

  1. The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien () I haven't finished so it doesn't count
  2. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen ()
  3. His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman (x)
  4. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams (x)
  5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire …

TV cards and rich thieves

Woot, I got my TV card working again. I was working last night whilst watching the Tomas Crown Affair (original). Unfortunately this film makes use of lots of small windows all over the screen with different things happening in each window. The problem with this is that you need the …

Removal of Red Wine

When you watch adverts for super duper wonder soaps it always looks so easy to remove 'touch stains' I presume would be exceedingly difficult otherwise. Certainly last week as several people pointed out I had spilt some red wine on my shirt. From their reactions you would have thought that …

Rulers and Downloading

I just noticed that the ruler I am currently using to revise (yes I am surprised I managed to get round to it as well) is over a year old. I don't think any 30cm rulers have lasted more than six months before shattering (and shatter includes snapping in two …

Class Test Fun

Thought up earlier during exam, written on the train, posted 24 hours later when I remembered about it:

  • Process control class test, 1 hour
  • I get 1/3rd extra time
  • So I start 1/2 hour earlier... (yea I thought the math was a bit skew whiff as well)

It …

Don't You Just Hate it When...

You close your eyes at 6 O'clock in the evening for just a second and wake up 10 hours later thinking WTF? bugger! what happened?

Nuclear Bombs Kill

Whilst walking along princess street I noticed a billboard/banner on the side of a church. The billboard consisted of a cigarette packet with missiles poking out of the top and the warning label on the side informing us:


My instant reaction was "so do conventional bombs …

Films, So Many to Chose From

FilmSoc programming next semester, here's the shortlist. Any thoughts?

George Square Theatre

  • Blood Diamond
  • The Science of sleep
  • Shortbus
  • The Departed
  • The Last King of Scotland
  • Black Book
  • Zodiac
  • Dreamgirls
  • Grindhouse
  • This Is England
  • Days of Glory
  • Letters from Iwo Jima
  • Hot fuzz
  • Sunshine/Transformers
  • Inland Empire


  • Brothers …

Hair Removal

When I go get my hair cropped it amuses me the number of times I get asked "Are you sure? have you had it cut that length before?" This time I restrained myself to saying yes twice and not pointing out that the last 3 times it has been cut …

Dear Mr Green Nissan

Car horns, if you look at your highway code, are to make other road users aware of your presence. If a cyclist is making their way to the cycle bay at the front of traffic lights (like they are supposed to), the light turns green and you happen to nudge …

Off the front of the Treadmill

I can't use treadmills because: 1. I overheat without a constant wind in my face and 2. I feel I have to get somewhere so I continually hit the front as I run faster and faster regardless of the treadmill speed.

Currently I feel like I have just ran of …

Alistair Marshall Stage (Mis)Managing

Once off, never to be repeated, Alistair will be stage managing a show today.

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Today from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Bedlam Theatre

I can assure you that I will not be doing stage managing again, but hopefully afterwards free time and the …

Bright Spark

After a week where technology has hated me and thwarted my every move (well maybe not all of them, try 80% instead) tonight we were showing Serenity after Good night and good luck to make up for the DVD player messing up last time.

To ensure this didn't happen again …

Lab Fun

My first thought this morning:

"The lab we will be doing today is covered in chalk powder - it will be messy".

Chalk being an enemy of me and my clothes, due to it's non blackness, it would make sense to wear my lab coat again. I also thought ahead to …

I am not a person, I am MANY numbers

About 6 months ago I applied to become a coach with City of Edinburgh Council, then I heard nothing from them till today when I got a Disclosure Scotland form in the post. I must say I am impressed by the speed of the system but I had better not …

When was the Last Time I was Pig Headed?

I am currently trying to 'describe a time when you held a position or course of action despite difficulties or obstacles'. I can't think of anything specific and am tempted to say I prefer to work in a constructive manner and re-access situations as required rather than plough on regardless …

A Day of Cleaning

I now have a tumble dryer. This is nice and means that I can get more than one lot of clothes cleaned in one day and they can be dried and put away in the same day (sounds great in theory doesn't it). Occasionally the motor decides not to work …

Naked at Christmas

This must be the first day in ages where I have gone all day without touching Phone, Keys, Wallet, Maglite, Leatherman (or cheep version there of) or even having any of these in my pockets at any point. I feel very unprepared and almost naked.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

And when my sister ran off to get the book, mum looked the poem up on-line and had it downloaded just as fast as finding the book on the shelf. My sister objected to the modern way so mum had to start again only to get as far as 'not …

Cars and Balls

I think that I have found one reason why not passing your test might be a good idea. In our house we have a weekly planner, as sort of “if it is not on the Board it doesn't happen! kind of board. Today consists of:

  • Dad - Christmas Lunch
  • Mum - Christmas …

A Day of Fixing

Around 9 months ago my parents tumble trier broke down (it is around 16 years old, and has had a hard life) so they went and bought a new one and the old one went into garage. I was told that if I want the old one I could have …


As many people in bedlam have seen I have taken to sliding down the ladder rather than climbing down as one is supposed to. There are a couple of reasons for this; the first being that it is a little faster the second is that it is a lot more …

How to Punch Holes Through 35mm of Paper

So I have two large piles of paper that I want to put into ring binders but currently have no holes in them. I could split the piles into many smaller piles and punch them one at a time but I decided this would take too long so I came …

Black Bitch Explained

This is a followup from the initial post black bitch.

Whilst Googling the term "Black Bitch" may bring up some interesting sites it doesn't really help. Wikipedia does mention briefly it however it is not very useful in the article on Linlithgow – I ought to create its own article

Anyone …

Black Bitch

Ok I have mentioned this to a number of people recently and no luck so far. If you were to call me a bitch (or stage bitch for that matter) I would be mildly offended (if I were the type to get offended by such insults) however if you were …


How come when you are working on a door everyone will decide that they need to walk through it. Yesterday I just about put a painter into the middle of next week as he was painting the bit of wall behind the door in the guys toilets and I needed …

kaylee and EdLUG

Well Kaylee works with Linux fine now except for the fact that it has a 5+mins boot time. I have tried doing silly things like compiling a vanilla kernel but that didn't boot at all (well I gave up after 30 mins). I went to the EdLUG meeting where …

A Cybernetic Organism

Once again when I should be revising my brain is wandering on to other subjects. Today I am caught with the thought about cyborgs. Wikipedia describe cyborgs as: a cybernetic organism, that is an organism which adds to or enhances its abilities by using technology.

Currently I carry my laptop …

Whilst Revising

Ok I am currently revising in Appleton and the girl opposite has just got up, put her jacket on put a few things in her bag and left the building. Not so odd but she has left several textbooks and piles of notes on the table. I presume she will …

Last Imps and Christmas Music

Last nights improverts was wrong in many ways. Very much an anticlimax though I shall not go into details because they will mostly consist of me saying 'in previous years' a lot and so make me feel old. In addition to the fact that in less than three weeks I …

Once Again I am Drunk in Charge of a Keyboard

This is not a good thing. (I have made 6 mistyping errors so far) some how for the second year running I have managed to win the sweepstake at the haire club meal. The £24 that won went strait on booze at Teviot for the club (typical that the one …

That Will Teach Me

Look at watch.

"Oh shoot, its quarter to, I had better get going".*

Pack up bags.
Get bike down stairs.

"Aggh it is ten too - must hurry".

Sprint all the way up to KB, swearing at traffic lights all the way.
Get up hill, park bike.
Leg it to the …

Kaylee's First Day

Whilst I first saw Kaylee in my flat, the first place that I turned her on was Bedlam, then to the pub. I feel this is an entirely appropriate way to introduce a new laptop to its new life. Today Kaylee went to see Kings Buildings and I allowed her …

More Names and Linux

So my new (shiny) laptop has arrived and it is to be called Kaylee or possibly one of Caleigh, Cayleigh, Cayley, Kaelee, Kaeleigh, Kaeley, Kaeli, Kaelie, Kailee, Kaileigh, Kailey, Kaili, Kalee, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kalie, Kaylea, Kayleen, Kaylei, Kayleigh, Kaylene, Kayley, Kayli, Kaylie, Kaylleigh and Kaylley. (NB open office does not …

Laptop Names and Procrastination

Mum is going to bring in my new laptop tomorrow! I need to come up with a new name for it, the current desktop is Podger. My levels of procrastination have extended themselves to new levels today. I have downloaded the Scottish Building Standards Agency's handbooks (both domestic and non-domestic …