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Battering Things

Regarding the phrase ‘Batter you into the middle of next week’ I just tripped over a box and was tempted to batter it (because it annoyed me) into the middle of next week. Just as I was about to kick it again I thought “wait- I might actually need it on Saturday, better not hit it too hard.

I then had an amusing thought about what if you could batter things so hard that they disappeared and in a week’s time, reappeared from thin air. The consequences would be amazing, think about it. Someone is coming round to visit the flat; all the dirty laundry and rubbish could be hidden without trace and taken care of at a later date. You could use it as a self storage system or use it to store valuables so no one would be able to find them.

This may just become an excuse to kick lots more things.

/me grins evilly

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