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Kaylee's First Day

Whilst I first saw Kaylee in my flat, the first place that I turned her on was Bedlam, then to the pub. I feel this is an entirely appropriate way to introduce a new laptop to its new life. Today Kaylee went to see Kings Buildings and I allowed her on-line for a short wee while and tonight she will see Pleasance for the first time (and I will see if I can get a good internet connection in the executive room). I shall stop talking about it like a little 3 year old now

I still want to install Linux on it as soon as possible and I have gotten a few replies to help me but I can see it taking a while and I need to have a working laptop for committee meeting tonight and after that it will be late and i will be tiered.. I can see it being tomorrow afternoon at this rate which is no fun.

People have asked me why I am adamant that I want to get Linux on/ what's wrong with windows?

At the moment I don't have that nice new computer feeling. This feeling comes from a nice clean desktop with lots of hard disk space free and very little clutter in the menus. ATM the menus are completely clogged up,and the desktop is a mess. (I know I can clean them up myself but I know it will be like that again in a few months) Kubuntu on the other hand is clean, no drivers in the menus, they are hidden away till I want to get them, only useful programs sorted by clear categories.

The other thing is that when programs update in windows, you need to reboot (updating Norton and Adobe today I had to restart 4 times!) Norton will run out in a month, why should I pay for anti-virus if Linux is virus safe? (same with firewall)

Hopefully FilmSoc programming will be quick tonight and I can come back and play.

I decided on a spelling that was relatively short, included both a 'K' and a 'Y' and was the first on the original list anyway.

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