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A Cybernetic Organism

Once again when I should be revising my brain is wandering on to other subjects. Today I am caught with the thought about cyborgs. Wikipedia describe cyborgs as: a cybernetic organism, that is an organism which adds to or enhances its abilities by using technology.

Currently I carry my laptop and mp3 player around with me at almost all times. They allow me to make notes, perform calculations and other things that there is no way my brain could do on its own. Therefore it is enhancing my abilities. I started to worry when noticed that I picked the seat I am currently sitting in for the reason that there is a power socket under it. I actually looked for a seat so I could plug myself in. Its not much further to have the whole thing embedded in by body. Hell having a hard disk with wikipedia stored on it and a proper clock in us would be amazing and add in a translator program (may not be ideal but would be a dam site better than my current foreign language ability's)

So - Am I a cyborg already? Or do I have to wait a few years for the neuroscience to hurry up and embed a USB mass storage device in the back of my scull?

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