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Cars and Balls

I think that I have found one reason why not passing your test might be a good idea. In our house we have a weekly planner, as sort of “if it is not on the Board it doesn't happen! kind of board. Today consists of:

  • Dad - Christmas Lunch
  • Mum - Christmas Lunch
  • Sister – Hair Appointment 1:30
  • Me – Chauffeur

Basically means I hat to take parents into work this morning and am now waiting for a phone call 'come ans pick me up' from one of my parents. I used the time with the car to pick up obscene amounts of pasta, toilet roles, canned food and other bulky/heavy items that will keep for months so I don't have to cycle up the hill with them.

I also spent time trying to buy a medicine ball however no one seams to sell them, the first guy in JJB looked at me blankly and the second person upon me explaining what it was replayed 'oh I've herd of them but never seen one'. This from what claims to be a sports shop! I am tempted to get a flyaway football, fill it with water and say 'close enough'!

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