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How to Punch Holes Through 35mm of Paper

So I have two large piles of paper that I want to put into ring binders but currently have no holes in them. I could split the piles into many smaller piles and punch them one at a time but I decided this would take too long so I came up with my own solution.

  1. Punch holes in the top 2 sheets
  2. Get a G-clamp and bind the whole bunch together
  3. Colour in the 3rd sheet where the holes should be so they can be seen clearly
  4. Go to cupboard and retrieve drill.
  5. Pick suitable drill bit to make holes the right size
  6. Have fun
  7. Hover up

With hind sight I probably should have had the hover running whilst I was drilling but the job is done. Shame I wasted more time typing this than using the long method but there is still the fun aspect.

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