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Last Imps and Christmas Music

Last nights improverts was wrong in many ways. Very much an anticlimax though I shall not go into details because they will mostly consist of me saying 'in previous years' a lot and so make me feel old. In addition to the fact that in less than three weeks I lose the shock factor of saying 'I am still a teenager'.

I must say I got the feeling the nice lady's at Salisburys were trying to make me feel better by asking for ID twice (the first till took a funny and I had to go to another till). Both asked to see ID. Not sure if it actually made me feel any better or just immature.

You can tell it is December, Cameron Toll was playing lots of Christmas music. I was not in the mood. I thought I can fix this, I'll just get out my mp3 player and play music I want to hear.

Oh batteries have gone.

I ended up hiding in BHS for a while, they were playing Fleetwood Mac, gypsy (I think) which was still semi-Christmasy if played quietly.

I'll go back to my Rob Searle Club Mix version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Power of Love.

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