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Off the front of the Treadmill

I can't use treadmills because: 1. I overheat without a constant wind in my face and 2. I feel I have to get somewhere so I continually hit the front as I run faster and faster regardless of the treadmill speed.

Currently I feel like I have just ran of the front again. One week ago just after my stage miss-managing task, I had four assignments to work on. As a result as soon as one was finished and handed in, there was always another to be done. Combine this with finishing a get out, catching up with FilmSoc duties, having a guest staying over and getting the flat's windows replaced means that there was very little time going around to get said assignments done.

Today the four assignments went down to one due a week today and it feels very weird. I now have time to do silly things like run and write notes. It won't last long so I had better enjoy it whilst I can.

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