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TV cards and rich thieves

Woot, I got my TV card working again. I was working last night whilst watching the Tomas Crown Affair (original). Unfortunately this film makes use of lots of small windows all over the screen with different things happening in each window. The problem with this is that you need the wide screen which my TV is not. My laptop however is wide screen but this meant I couldn't work on the laptop so made the TV window smaller so I could keep working but this extra window combined with the floating windows of the film gave me an information overload and so I went to bed.

I watched the last half hour in bed with the portable areal stretched from the radiator to the bed (helped with LX tape) but I needed to rest my arm on it for it to work.

I have seen the second version and I think I liked it better than the original but it was a while ago. Obviously the elements worked this outs and for some reason I lost the signal for the last 5 minutes. Worked perfectly fine then just cut out and no mater what I tried no signal (till of course the closing titles)


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