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See what thought did

There was a bit of a mix up today between mum and myself, a few weeks ago I had offered to coach in Linlithgow on the 11th because no other coaches were willing to do that week and I felt the club should continue through the holidays. Somehow this got mixed up a bit and mum tells me that I had agreed to do both weeks of the holidays

So I have just sprinted down to the station and missed the cheep day return point so paying expensive times. Not only is it an expensive train but it has been delayed as well and the automatic doors tried to kill me. If it wasn't such a lovely day I might have done something I would have regretted (the doors hurt!!)

Gas update. I haven't paid a gas bill in just under a year now and despite trying to get this sorted I still haven't been billed. Well today I did get a bill. This was my second final bill telling me that the account was being closed and the remaining balance was £0.00 and so I would be refunded £51 (I don't remember paying that!)

I guess I shouldn't complain too much but then I don't want to get a bill for £500 when they find out.

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