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ImpAmp's Birthday

So it was a year ago that ImpAmp first appeared in the bedlam techbox, enjoying it's first taste of action before being let loose on the fringe. If you have no idea what i am on about, I suggest you have a look at the website at the bottom of this page. Since then, it has become a common feature on most imps sound tech laptops. In the past year however, not a lot has changed with the program. I have effectively stopped doing imps, I can't remember the last time I watched a full show (my guess is at some point during the last fringe) and whilst I built ImpAmp, I have not been a big user - so I have no idea which songs/features of ImpAmp are useful and which are just waste. Similarly I don't want the sounds to stagnate, we can't have the same sound effects and music clips being used every week.

We need new sound effects, new emergency tracks, new clips for 'moments' you get the idea

So - what I want from you:

  • New game songs, sound effects, emergency tracks - you want it in, send it in
  • Nominating songs for removal (clean out the my bad ideas and things that are never used)
  • Ideas for further enhancements

I also want to release a second public version of ImpAmp using copyright free samples. There will still be the bedlams remixed version, just this public version will be available to all. For this I need a set of copyright free samples. We don't need too may, just enough to act as a proof of concept for others wishing to try it out. If anyone has any ideas.

More info https://launchpad.net/impamp


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