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The Ubuntu Challenge

OK so the Hardy heron has been released for a few weeks now and the exams are pretty much over. I would like to take this opportunity to issue 'The 30 day Ubuntu Challenge'.

The challenge is to install Ubuntu on your computer and during the 30 day period attempt to run Ubuntu as your primary system. I will provide install media and any support/help you require. Help will also of course be available through ubuntuforums.org for times when you want to try and solve the problem yourself or if the problem beats me.

This is the perfect opportunity to take the challenge owing to the lack of coursework and exams. You can learn how to get around without any stress and may find some aspects easier to live with. The main trouble I had when switching was that Linux isn't windows (well duh) and so I was still trying to do things the windows way (when in many cases Linux had a much better/faster/simpler method) and the windows way was just making my life difficult. The hope is that I can help guide people past these stumbling blocks.

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